30th August, 2014

“I just want to say, not only has this been the best show in North America so far - this has been my favorite birthday of 21 years in this earth. Whoa that’s pretty special! Never did I dream as a child I would be stood here 21 years later in front of you doing this.”


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30th August, 2014


Larry Stylinson is a lie that fans created to fulfil their twisted fantasies. Louis is not dating, shagging, even standing next to Harry. Ever. They don’t talk to each other. They don’t breath in the same room or they might share the same oxygen.

Louis is not shagging Harry. Paige is shagging Harry. Kendall is shagging Harry. Taylor is shagging Harry. Caroline is still shagging Harry and sometimes Nick Grimshaw and James Corden like to watch. I am shagging Harry. You are shagging Harry. We are all shagging Harry. Literally everyone in this world is shagging Harry.
Except Louis. Louis is not shagging Harry. God forbid.

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